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Why Top Dental Gurus Are Afraid of Dr. Hagi
"How Dr. Hagi is Disrupting The Dental CE Landscape Giving Dentists The Freedom To Advance Their Careers At Their Own Pace And In Their Own Time!"

The world is changing. Fast.

It used to be that the "little guy" couldn't hope to stand a chance against the giant corporations.

What "The Man" said... we had to do!

In fact, we had no other choice.

Spend $23,000 on an Implant Certification?

No other choice.

Lose $32,000 worth of production at your office?

No other choice.
The outrageous prices dentists are forced to pay just for wanting to advance their careers.
As a matter of fact if you wanted to advance your career, surgical skills and training and get implant certified...

You had no other choice.

You had to travel to some exotic location. Figure out flights, hotels, cover food and other travel expenses.


Just to sit there for 8 hours straight. Pretend you understood everything and hope you actually learned something.

Something that (hopefully) would translate to increased production back home. To make up for the $50,000+ bill you just paid to "advance your career".

Then fly back Sunday night to make sure you're back at work Monday morning at 8AM.

I repeat: we had no other choice.

But something changed...
A New Approach to CE Takes the Dental World By Storm
Take Netflix for example.

I'll explain what this has to do with CE in a second.

You're probably aware of the latest "Gold Rush" every tech and media giant is losing their minds over.

Scrambling to launch their own streaming service. Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max to name a few.

Did you know that the Oscars don't recognize Netflix films as "movies"?

It's because of one simple fact:

Streaming services have disrupted the Hollywood Multi-Billion Dollar Machine.
The impact streaming services like Netflix have made on Hollywood has them worried.
With every movie and TV show imaginable right at your fingertips, people just don't want to go to the movies as much anymore...

...and Hollywood doesn't like it one bit!

That's exactly what Dr. Hagi is doing to the Multi-Million Dollar Dental CE Industry!
Dr. Hagi Breaks The Stronghold Multi-Million Dollar CE Gurus Had Over Ambitious Dentists For Decades
"CE should be about helping dentists take better care of their patients. Advance their careers and better provide for their families." - Dr. Hagi

The problem today is that nobody is looking out for the dentists' best interest anymore.

Even dental schools leave students in up to half a million dollars of debt by the time they graduate!

How can you be excited about building and growing your own practice if they cripple you from the very start? (you can't!)

"As a dentist I thought at least the CE institutions would help me offer more services to my patients and increase my production. Well they did... but only if I could dish out $50,000+ upfront. That's when I knew something had to change!"
Dr. Dan Hagi

We live in an online, interconnected, convenient world today. It's outrageous that the multi-million dollar CE gurus refuse to make our lives easier!

That's when the Complete Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry (CFID) program was born.
Finally A Convenient Way To Get Implant Certified Without Being Penalized For Wanting To Do Better For Your Patients
CFID is designed like Netflix. And like Netflix it has started to irritate the giants.

Here's why:
  • Because you no longer have to travel for hours on end just to improve your skills.

  • Because you no longer have to force yourself to learn everything in a single weekend.

  • Because you no longer have to be penalized a hefty $50,000+ fine to better serve your patients anymore. 
You Now Have A Choice!
You can choose when you want to do your CE lectures.

You can choose how fast you want to do them and how fast you want to get implant certified.

You can choose to do CE at your own pace and advance your career in your own time...

...and young dentists are refusing to keep quiet any longer.
Young Dentists Breaking the Silence
CASE STUDY 1 - Dr. Glynn Manchester
"Do you want to lose another weekend of your life?"

"That's the biggest thing," says Dr. Manchester.
Dr. Glynn Manchester

"I can't stress enough how nice it is to be able to do continuing education on your own time. As well as becoming certified to do implants. 

It's not like you're watching a seminar on 'the latest in fluoride' or something like that. You're literally getting certified to place implants.

It's literally better than any other course. Other courses are WAY more inconvenient for scheduling. So convenience is the biggest thing.

The fact that it's a good course as well... I would do it if it was subpar education and I had to work on my own to research a bunch of stuff but you don't.

It's literally a good education and convenient. You don't have to worry about compromising quality of information because you're learning it online."

"It let me become certified to do implants without having to: a) spend $15,000 and b) take four or five weekends of my life away. That's HUGE for me!"
CASE STUDY 2 - Dr. Jonathan Sanderson
"I was able to be there for my wife."

"With my wife being pregnant at the time, I didn't want to spend weekends travelling to attend courses."
Dr. Jonathan Sanderson

"For me the main reason was primarily convenience. It was like he was in my living room whenever I was listening to the lectures.

With my wife being pregnant at the time, and I was expecting a little guy, I didn't want to spend weekends travelling to attend courses.

Professionally, I'm now able to offer my patients another service in implant dentistry.

But personally I was able to be there, be home, for my wife and my schedule, for the most part, was able to proceed as usual.

I've been able to see the difference in my own patients. I don't have to set the blades to anyone else.

There's certain patients who won’t have the treatment done unless it’s somewhere they're comfortable in - that being in my office. 

Without me being able to offer the ability to place implants, I wasn’t able to do that for them.

It opened up a whole new way of looking at the treatments I could offer a patient.

I wasn't handcuffed on what I could offer. I could very clearly lay out all the options including implants that could be provided with my hands.

It was just really liberating for myself and services for my patients."

"I've since been able to place three implants in one day. From someone who under my belt I probably have placed 15 to 20. With 3 of those being in one day that was a very satisfying day. I took great pride in being able to do that."
CASE STUDY 3 - Dr. Diana Malkin
"My career has REALLY taken off!"

"I was able to quickly identify what I wanted to do and pursued a speciality in periodontics."
Dr. Diana Malkin

"I graduated from dental school in 2012 and started following Dr. Hagi back in 2015.

Since then, my career has REALLY taken off and have been seeing a steady rise in my career as a dentist year after year.

I treatment plan anywhere from 15 to 20 cases per month and my case acceptance rate has never been higher!

Not only do my patients love the results they get from my treatments. They actively look forward to getting treatment done with me.

Dr. Hagi's advice and training has made a world of a difference in my career trajectory.

Naturally I put in the work and did what I had to do. But taking Dr. Hagi's advice has really helped me realize and achieve my career goals a lot faster than I thought."

"It has been very fulfilling to be able to touch so many lives and leave a positive impact."
CASE STUDY 4 - Dr. Shilpesh Parekh
"I have brought my practice at a next level."

"That was the best part of this course," reports Dr. Parekh.
Dr. Shilpesh Parekh

"Instead of taking time off work, you have the liberty to log in and do the course. I can do it at my own pace and my own time.

Having a practice which I recently took over, I wanted to spend more time in managing the business.

At the same time not lose those hours of production and continue the education - at my own pace and my own time.

If I have to say in a single sentence, I would say that ‘I will have no hesitation to go again and join this course.’

If, at all, you are looking for such a course where you can work at your own pace and do everything right. This is the right place to go and do the course."

"Dr. Hagi has made a huge difference in my practice and I have brought my practice at, what I would say is, at a next level"
Will YOU Suffer In Silence?
Or will you join the new wave of dentists that are taking control of their careers?

Improving themselves. Offering the best comprehensive care possible to their patients in implant dentistry.

With patients expecting dental implants as the new standard of care, you now have a choice.

Take the old-travelled road laid out by the CE gurus, if you like. 

It leads dentists on a very expensive, wild goose-chase. But it might work out all right - I hope it will.

But I know - through the records of dozens of CFID students - that long before you reach the end of that long road of traditional CE...

...some other dentist will take the "short cut" of the CFID program and beat you to your goal without breaking a sweat!

The choice is yours. What are you going to do about it?

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